Using Guilin mainly as a starting-point, we travelled to the beautiful town Yangshuo, which lies next to the Li River and is surrounded by stunning Karst peaks. We also stayed in the middle of the Longji rice terraces in Longsheng. The amazing views made the one-hour-fully-packed-climb up there more than worth it!


Cycling tour Yangshuo

We climbed Yao Shan, which is a mountain close to Guilin

View from Yao Shan in Guilin 2

The weather wasn’t great, but this led to even more beautiful views!

The cableway up to the summit of Yao Shan in Guilin

There is also a cableway up to the top of Yao Shan

Sleeping on the job - the chinese dream

Sleeping on the job – the Chinese dream, or everyone’s dream?


surroundings of yangshuo

Yangshuo is surrounded by beautiful karst mountains. We got a closer look when we went cycling to a nearby village.

Cycling to one of the villages in the surroundings of Yangshuo

The destination of our cycle tour

The Karst mountains around Yangshuo

The sun starts to set over Yangshuo

Longji Rice Terraces

Hiking through Longsheng rice fields in China

On our way up to the rice terraces, we passed some little villages