At age 28, we quit our jobs to follow our dreams. Since then, we’ve visited Asia, Oceania and currently South America. Our travels will come to an (at least temporary) end at the end of July.


In April 2016 we started our trip, not exactly knowing where we would end up and when we would return home. But this travel story starts earlier, where Ferdy has too much time on his hands and surfs the internet. An endless stream of Youtube videos, reading blogs and just clicking from one website to the next. You know the drill. Then, one night he stumbles upon a travel blog and just keeps reading and reading. At the end, the conclusion was easily made; we have to go travel the world!

Luckily, it wasn’t too hard to convince Christina. Our dreams shortly turned into concrete travel-plans, the plans turned into booking our first leg, and now, here we are, sitting at our hostel in Wulingyuan, China, applying the finishing touches to our website.

We hope you will enjoy our stories, photos and videos and hopefully it inspires you to go out and explore as well!


Christina en Ferdy